Download Gifmemes

Updates! 2-22-15: Use timers to adjust display of text! Create “talking” GIFS by showing text when you want!

Download today! Make as many GIFs as you want, for free! By downloading and installing the software you agree to Gifmemes’ Single User License. This software require admin rights to use. Updates coming soon. 2/22/15- More timers added to create “scenes”. 12/4/14 – Bug fixed! Error when writing text to GIF. 12/15/14 Gifmemes 2.6 released Bug fixed. 1-10-15 Gifmemes 2.7 released! minor bug fixed, trial period extended

If you aren’t satisfied with the software, here are instructions on how to uninstall:

  • Click the start button
  • Click Control Panel
  • Click Programs and then Programs and Features
  • Select Gifmemes and click Uninstall

Free Download. No Purchase Necessary!

1.41mb Windows Software
Capture Gifs
Write text on Gifs –
Use timers to show text
Windows 7 and 8 compatible
For help using the software, click here.